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Vestments for St Andrew's Church, Compton Dundon, Somerset June 10, 2015 21:32




I was commissioned to make a new set of green liturgical vestments for the church of St Andrew, Compton Dundon, Somerset. I used the ancient yew tree which grows in the churchyard as inspiration for the design of the altar frontal, lectern fall, chasuble, burse, veil, stole and collection bags. I used a combination of stranded cotton threads, wools, silks and gilt metal threads to create the embroidery. Various cotton, linen and synthetic fabrics were used to create the vestments which were further embellished with gold green braid and gold fringing. With the help of ten ladies from the local community, parts of the vestments were created as a group effort. Under my instruction they each embroidered several leaves which were used to decorate the two side panels of the altar frontal, the veil and the two collection bags.

Ely Knot April 02, 2015 22:58






I was commissioned by Ely Cathedral to replicate one of the thirty goldwork and silkwork Ely Knots found on a cope in their collection dating from the 14th Century . My brief was to create a piece which would demonstrate what the embroidery would have looked like when it was first made. Detailed research was required in order for me to replicate this in a way using similar techniques to those used in the 14th Century. The piece drew much attention while it was on display during an exhibition held at the cathedral which showcased ecclesiastical embroidery.

Royal Mail Titlepage April 02, 2015 22:31






I was commissioned by design company Magpie Studios to create goldwork embroidery on red velvet to be used as part of the 2011 Royal Mail Yearbook. The yearbook showcases all of the special edition stamps which have been released during that year and is available for purchase from the Royal Mail. I was asked to contribute towards the chapter dedicated to the Crown Jewels by creating the work on a preselected design based around a famous quote from Samuel Pepys.

Calla Lily Brooch April 02, 2015 22:23


This piece was commissioned for a 50th birthday present. It was embroidered using a couple of complex techniques despite it being very small. The petals and leaf were sewn using silk shading but so that both sides are the same; the front and the back of the work look completely alike. Metallic wire work was used to create the little pearl details and the stem of the lily.

Globe and Laurel April 02, 2015 22:20





This piece was commissioned for a former Royal Marine. It included many different techniques and stitches such as appliqué, silk shading, fine satin stitch and outlining. It was then mounted around acid free card and backed with cotton before being framed.

Blackwork Horse April 02, 2015 22:16








This is one of my favourite pieces. I selected six different blackwork stitch patterns to create this piece and the shading was achieved by changing the number of threads in the needle and the type of thread that was being used. This enabled me to create lighter or darker shades and is much like sketching to create shadow and highlight.

Personalised Wedding Garter April 02, 2015 22:11


I was commission by the mother of the groom to create and embroider a garter for her soon to be daughter in law. I created the garter using silk, ribbon and lace in subtle shades of white and dove grey before embroidering the names, date and floral details in stranded cottons and embellishing with pearl beads.

Whitework Christening Cushion April 02, 2015 22:09





Jo Christoforides, a designer and maker of bespoke bridalwear, commissioned me to create the monogram 'EE' and the date on a background of satin silk. This fabric was the same as that used on the clients wedding dress. After I had completed the embroidery, Jo turned it into a christening cushion. The monogram was created using fine whitework techniques with the padded lettering created using a technique called trailing.

Mackintosh Rose Triptych April 02, 2015 21:29


These three pieces were made for a friend, the first was created as a gift and as she liked it so much she commissioned a second and then a third to complete the series. They were embroidered using blackwork techniques in stranded cottons with silver metal threads applied as decoration.

Both Sides Alike Regimental Banner April 02, 2015 21:22

Both Sides Alike is one of the hardest techniques to master. It involves embroidering the same image, but mirrored, on both sides of one piece of fabric. This technique is most widely used on regimental banners or colours. The spray at the top of this piece includes symbols from each country in the United Kingdom. St Edwards Crown is in the centre of the piece and the battle honours at the bottom demonstrate different styles of label.

Silk Shading Orchid Branch April 02, 2015 21:09





This piece combines silk shading and fabric painting. Silk shading is often described as 'painting with the needle' due to the photo-realistic results which can be achieved. This piece was taken to Tokyo, Japan as part of a Royal School of Needlework exhibition.

Applique April 02, 2015 20:58

Small soft hanging using a variety of applique methods in silks and hand embroidery in silk and cotton threads.

Whitework Vogue Cover April 02, 2015 20:58


  I created this piece during my apprenticeship to demonstrate various fine whitework techniques.

Stumpwork Fish April 02, 2015 20:58


Embroidered decorative box created using raised embroidery techniques, fabric painting, beadwork, wrapped wires and an assortment of surface embroidery stitches.