Vestments for St Andrew's Church, Compton Dundon, Somerset June 10, 2015 21:32




I was commissioned to make a new set of green liturgical vestments for the church of St Andrew, Compton Dundon, Somerset. I used the ancient yew tree which grows in the churchyard as inspiration for the design of the altar frontal, lectern fall, chasuble, burse, veil, stole and collection bags. I used a combination of stranded cotton threads, wools, silks and gilt metal threads to create the embroidery. Various cotton, linen and synthetic fabrics were used to create the vestments which were further embellished with gold green braid and gold fringing. With the help of ten ladies from the local community, parts of the vestments were created as a group effort. Under my instruction they each embroidered several leaves which were used to decorate the two side panels of the altar frontal, the veil and the two collection bags.