Creating bespoke pieces of textile art

Embroidery is wonderfully versatile and there are an infinite number of items which can be embroidered or embellished, anything from fine art pieces to dresses to cushions to church textiles, whatever you need it can probably be done. Any hand embroidery technique can be used and combined to provide a bespoke service to create any design. Many of these techniques can be seen on the Bluebird Studio Page.


Pet Portraits

What better way to treasure that special photo of a beloved pet than by having it created by The Bluebird Embroidery Company as a hand stitched piece of artwork or as a pencil sketch.

Silk Shading and Crewel Wool Needle Painting: Stitched portraits can be created using silk shading needle painting in stranded cotton threads or using crewel wool needle painting and are available in various sizes.

Pencil sketches: Beautifully detailed and shaded, pencil sketches are also a wonderful way to have your favourite photo turned into a timeless piece of artwork.

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Personalised Embroidery Kits

Create your own personalised design of a favourite family photo complete with hand stitched message around the edge of the hoop. This embroidery hoop kit is the perfect way to treasure a special occasion, that wonderful person or pet in your life or to remember the holiday of a lifetime.  A brilliant keepsake or gift for a loved one, this handmade artwork is a truly unique way to display your embroidered memory.

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Mounting textiles pieces ready for framing

Finished pieces of embroidery can be professionally mounted around acid free card and given a backing of a complimentary fabric such as cotton, linen or silk ready to be framed. Mounting textile pieces in this way ensures that they will last for years more than they would otherwise. Please email for further information.