Goldwork Butterfly


This glistening butterfly design combines a range of goldwork embroidery techniques on a background of calico fabric.

With all of the fabrics, threads, needles and other materials required included in this kit, you too will be able to create this beautiful hand embroidery design. The clear step by step instructions with additional diagrams and photographs will guide you easily through your project.

The stitches and techniques used to create the design include: applying soft string and felt padding, applying   gilt metal threads Pearl Purl, Bright Check and Japanese Thread. Goldwork techniques known as chipping, couching and cutwork are also used in the design.

Each kit contains: calico fabric, needles, padding materials, gilt metal threads, Gutermann thread and beeswax. This kit would be suitable for those who are new to the technique or want to brush up on their skills.

In addition you will need an 8 inch ring frame and embroidery scissors to complete this kit. Goldwork scissors and other goldwork embroidery tools such as a mellor and velvet board may also be useful but are not essential.

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