Fulham Palace Commission January 5, 2016 11:08

My next couple of days are going to be spent preparing for a class which is to be held at Fulham Palace next week. The class will be given to the lovely group of ladies who volunteer as the 'sewing bee' for the palace and this year they are going to be incredibly busy creating 14 new kneelers for the chapel.

This class is the culmination of a commission I received last year; I was asked to design the kneelers, each featuring the shield of a bishop who has had particular historical significance. After a visit to the palace and inspired by the wonderful architecture of the chapel, the designs were created and drawn on to canvas, wool colours chosen and the canvas stitch samples were created.

During our lesson I will be demonstrating how to frame up the canvas to keep it tight during the stitching process and how to create a number of canvas stitches to create the designs. By the end of the day the ladies will be able to take their chosen kneeler home and just have the simple task of getting it finished!

Fulham Palace is the historic home and garden of the Bishops of London. http://www.fulhampalace.org/