Silk Shading Harvest Mouse kits are now back in stock! May 25, 2016 17:21

By very popular demand, these hand embroidery kits featuring the technique known as silk shading are now back in stock and available to purchase from the shop section of the website.

Day Classes in Toronto, May 2016 May 25, 2016 17:15

I would like to say a huge thank you to all of my students who attended my Royal School of Needlework day classes in Toronto. I had a lovely two weeks teaching at the beautiful venue of the Toronto Botanical Gardens. It was a pleasure to teach such enthusiastic stitchers and I hope you all learnt lots of new stitches and techniques!

Metalwork Feathers at WCE Barnstaple April 18, 2016 14:30

Really looking forward to my Metalwork Feathers class on Wednesday with the West Country Embroiderers group in Barnstaple!
The students will have the choice between a silver Swan feather, gold Tawny Owl feather and a blue Jay feather.
Its going to be a full day including tuition on the following stitches and techniques: applying various metal threads such as pearl purl, bright check and smooth purl, cutwork, chipping, couching, using felt as padding, split stitch and long and short stitch.

Combining fabric painting with embroidery April 5, 2016 17:47

Today has been spent getting ready for next weeks workshop 'combining fabric painting with hand embroidery' with the Salisbury branch of the Embroiderers Guild. The students will learn how to use and blend fabric paints before creating simple decorative embroidery stitches to build up texture and colour.
Looks like its going to be a fun class!

Fulham Palace Kneelers March 12, 2016 10:33

Fulham Palace in London have written a wonderful article on their website about the kneelers I designed for them on behalf of the Royal School of Needlework. I have been running classes with the Fulham Palace Sewing Bee, who are producing the kneelers, and everyone is progressing very well. Hopefully everyone will be able to enjoy the completed kneelers this summer. The article can be seen here.

New Harvest Mouse Silk Shading Kits! March 2, 2016 11:46

This little Harvest Mouse is the latest addition to the range of silk shading kits now available to buy through the Bluebird Embroidery website. The design is already drawn on to antique gold silk dupion fabric ready to be embroidered using a range of DMC stranded cotton threads. Full instructions with step by step photographs are included as well as all of the materials required. All you will need is a small 4 - 8 inch ring frame and a pair of embroidery scissors. Enjoy!

Crewelwork Class at The Royal School Of Needlework March 2, 2016 11:12

I had a wonderful weekend in February teaching my two day crewelwork embroidery class at the Royal School of Needlework. All of the students did an amazing job creating either a pomegranate or woodland animal jacobean design.

Secret Garden - Stumpwork and Ribbonwork Embroidery January 29, 2016 11:16

It is so nice to see an embroidery design finally take shape! Stumpwork can sometimes feel like a very slow technique; each individual leaf and petal has to be created on a seperate piece of fabric before being cut out and applied to the design of Ribbonwork and decorative embroidery stitches.
I will be teaching this 'Secret Garden' kit as a one day class at the Royal School Of Needlework in July, and a larger version of this which includes more techniques as a two day class in Toronto, Canada in May.

Royal School Of Needlework Day Classes In Toronto, Canada January 29, 2016 11:12

Goldwork Embroidery Workshop At The Holburne Museum January 28, 2016 19:34

My weekend was all about goldwork embroidery. I was thrilled to be invited to run an introduction to goldwork embroidery workshop as part of the exhibition held at the Holburne Museum, Bath which had stunning gold pieces from the Royal Collection on display. It was a fantastic day and all the students are now well on the way to creating their own glistening butterfly designs.


Fulham Palace Commission January 5, 2016 11:08

My next couple of days are going to be spent preparing for a class which is to be held at Fulham Palace next week. The class will be given to the lovely group of ladies who volunteer as the 'sewing bee' for the palace and this year they are going to be incredibly busy creating 14 new kneelers for the chapel.

This class is the culmination of a commission I received last year; I was asked to design the kneelers, each featuring the shield of a bishop who has had particular historical significance. After a visit to the palace and inspired by the wonderful architecture of the chapel, the designs were created and drawn on to canvas, wool colours chosen and the canvas stitch samples were created.

During our lesson I will be demonstrating how to frame up the canvas to keep it tight during the stitching process and how to create a number of canvas stitches to create the designs. By the end of the day the ladies will be able to take their chosen kneeler home and just have the simple task of getting it finished!

Fulham Palace is the historic home and garden of the Bishops of London.



Free Shipping Within The UK For The Whole Of December! December 1, 2015 12:14

Christmas is coming and The Bluebird Embroidery Company is offering free shipping within the UK for the whole of December! Just type in the discount code WINTERSHIPPING when you reach the delivery stage when ordering your hand embroidery gifts. Enjoy!
Please be aware that over the festive period delivery times may be a little slower then normal.

Crewelwork Embroidery November 13, 2015 09:33

This week is all about Crewelwork Embroidery! Using 2-ply wool thread on a background of linen twill, this is a very versatile and fun embroidery technique to create.
On Saturday 14th November I will be teaching my Jacobean Bird design as a day class at the Royal School of Needlework and I am also currently working on the third design in my series of crewelwork kits. 'Bird of Paradise' will join Pomegranates and Woodland Animals on my online shop soon!




Craft Fair at Bishop's Palace, Wells, Somerset November 13, 2015 09:26

Last weekend The Bluebird Embroidery Company was at the Bishop's Palace craft fair selling embroidery kits as well as prints and cards from the British Wildlife embroidery collection. It was a fantastic few days of Christmas gifts, crafts and demonstrations by various artists.

Introduction to Embroidery course at the Royal School of Needlework November 13, 2015 09:12

Today was day 2 of my introduction to embroidery class at the Royal School of Needlework, Hampton Court Palace. I had a lovely weekend with some fabulous students!

Ribbonwork Class in Cornwall October 12, 2015 19:43

My class at Coast and Country Crafts, Cornwall on Thursday is Ribbonwork! The students will have a choice between two designs. The first, a pretty little lavender bag and label for those who are new to the technique and want to learn a few basic stitches. The second, a yellow dahlia which will encourage the students to think more creatively about the texture and placement of their stitches. This design can also incorporate a little bit of silk painting for those who are brave and want to add a bit more depth of colour.


Silk Shading Christmas Robin October 12, 2015 19:40

Its finally finished! I have just completed the worked sample of my Christmas Robin design which will be taught at the Royal School of Needlework next month as an Introduction to Silk Shading class. The little festive bird perched on a string of fairy lights is also available to now buy as a kit on the website.

Stumpwork - Floral Wreath October 12, 2015 19:38

In two weeks I will be teaching an Introduction to Stumpwork class for the West Country Embroiderers group in Helston, Cornwall. Designed for beginners up to intermediate level, the students will create their own floral wreath using their choice of colours and thread. These designs can be made as simple or as extravagant as you like so I can't wait to see what the students create!

Goldwork Birds October 12, 2015 19:37

Another two hand embroidery kits have been released on the Bluebird Embroidery website! These glitzy little birds use a range of padding and goldwork embroidery techniques and the wooden trinket pots are also available as an additional purchase.

Holburne Museum September 16, 2015 10:09

The last couple of days have been spent packing goldwork embroidery kits ready to be sent to the Holburne Museum in Bath, Somerset. Next month they will be opening their exhibition 'Gold' and I am really excited to be a part of it. I will be teaching a day class in goldwork embroidery and my kits will be sold in the museum shop. Goldwork Bird and Goldwork Butterfly will both be available there from 24th October until 24th January. I am going to be teaching there on the 22nd January. You can visit the exhibition website by clicking here.


More Embroidery Kits Added To The Website! August 26, 2015 15:27

Six more hand embroidery kits are now available to purchase on the Bluebird Embroidery website! These include Flower Cup, three metalwork feather designs; Jay, Swan and Tawny Owl, Goldwork Butterfly and the Ely Knot design which features as the profile picture on the Bluebird Embroidery Facebook page.

The Embroiderers Guild of Victoria, Canada July 24, 2015 22:44

Some very nice (and unexpected!) comments from the lovely people at the Embroiderers Guild of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada today on Facebook.



Gorgeous blackwork horse from designer and hand embroiderer Helen Richman of The Bluebird Embroidery Company. She...

Posted by Embroiderers' Guild of Victoria on Friday, July 24, 2015



Embroidery Kits now available! July 4, 2015 15:02

Crewel work and silk shading hand embroidery kits are now available to purchase on my website. Keep an eye out as I will be adding more kits of other techniques soon!

Silk Shading workshop with the West Country Embroiderers June 22, 2015 11:16

It's only 3 weeks until my Silk Shading workshop with the West Country Embroiderers group at Lostwithiel, Cornwall. Designed for beginners up to intermediate level, the students will create one of these three cute embroidery kits. It's going to be a really fun class, I can't wait!



Green Vestments for St Andrew's Church June 10, 2015 11:34

As promised here are the photographs of the green vestments which were designed, embroidered and created for St Andrews Church, Compton Dundon. I created all of the items including the chasuble, lectern fall, burse, stole, collection bags and centre panel of the altar cloth. As part of the community project, the leaves on the two side panels of the altar cloth, veil and collection bags were created by enthusiastic volunteers from the village.

A huge thank you to Mark Dennis who provided these wonderful images.

Dedication Service Of New Green Vestments June 10, 2015 11:21

Today was the unveiling of the new set of green vestmements for St Andrew's Church, Compton Dundon, Somerset. I joined the congregation to celebrate the blessing of the new textiles in a special service in order to dedicate them to the church.

18 months ago I was asked to design, stitch and create a new altar frontal, burse, veil, stole, chasuble, lectern fall and two collection bags.

The two side panels of the altar frontal were created as a community project. A total of 10 hardworking ladies were involved in the process, each producing a few of the embroidered leaves.

Official photographs of each of the pieces will follow shortly!


Embroidery Lessons in America 4 May 28, 2015 15:00

All of my students who attended the Crewel Work two day class at the Williamsburg School of Needlework worked really hard to get their designs completed. Stitches included: stem stitch, chain stitch, detached chain stitch, French knots, trellis, satin stitch, long and short, buttonhole stitch, block shading, herringbone and seeding to name a few! Well done ladies! Have a look at the Williamsburg School of Needlework's website here.

Embroidery Lessons in America 3 May 22, 2015 22:00

Day 2 of the Goldwork and Silk Shading class at the Williamsburg School of Needlework. All the students are progressing really well with their Ely Knot designs. Have a look at the Williamsburg School of Needlework's website here.

Embroidery Lessons in America 2 May 20, 2015 23:00

Day 1 of teaching at the Williamsburg School of Needlework has gone really well. I have met some lovely students at this wonderful venue. Today was Introduction to Embroidery, tomorrow is the first day of my Goldwork and Silk Shading three day class. More photos to follow! Have a look at the Williamsburg School of Needlework's website here.

Embroidery Lessons in America May 16, 2015 23:38

Packing for America, I'm so looking forward to teaching at the Williamsburg School of Needlework in Virgina for two weeks alongside Lizzy Lansberry of Laurelin Embroidery (teaching the Certificated Course).

I'll be running:
One Day Introduction to Embroidery class (flowercup kit)
Two Day Metalwork Feathers class (swan, jay, owl feather kits)
Three Day Goldwork and Silkshading class (ely knot kit)
Two Day Crewelwork class (woodland animals and pomigranate kit)

Can't wait to meet everyone out there!


Metalwork Feathers at the RSN April 28, 2015 15:35

Have a look at the post the Royal School of Needlework placed on their facebook page after my class there at the beginning of this month! I'm so glad eveyone enjoyed themselves. I can't wait to teach this in Williamsburg, USA, at the end of May!


Embroidered Pashminas April 8, 2015 15:03

I have just finished the samples for my embroidered pashmina class which will be held at the Royal School of Needlework, Hampton Court Palace in August. The students will be able to choose from a selection of beautiful coloured pashminas and will be spending the two day class creating either the silver filigree motif or the floral lace border. I cant wait!

Filigree Design Embroidered Pashmina

The silver filigree design uses a combination of DMC stranded cottons and metallic stranded threads. Stem stitch, back stitch, woven backstitch, split stitch, satin stitch, silk shading and couching are embellished with metal beads and a beautiful filigree medallion.

Floral Lace Border Embroidered Pashmina

The floral lace border uses DMC stranded cottons and stranded metallic thread. Silk shading, couching, stem stitch, back stitch, woven back stitch, split stitch and satin stitch are combined with an embellishment of pearl beads, sequins and appliqued lace.

New Website! April 2, 2015 20:45

Hello and welcome to the new Bluebird Embroidery Website. Not much has changed, but now you can browse the shop and make purchases online. You can stll contact me in the same way, by email or by phone on 07969978017. Enjoy!